The GOP has 2 distinct secret weapons to use to win the White House.  The first being Barack Obama who is his own worst nightmare.  With months to go, we will see failed policy after failed policy, broken promises and lies upon lies.  He even looks at old campaign films and commits or condones the same failures which have proved themselves. He is either and/or arrogant/stupid.  Time is proving that he is both.

The second secret weapon is Debbie “I’m a loudmouth who is in your face” Schultz.  She was a Hilly backer but promised to be faithful to the party.  Then she was approved by BHO to be head of the DNC if she remained loyal to him and his teachings.  Two peas in a pod.  She can only exacerbate BHO’s downfall.

On the Dem side there are also two secret weapons.  The first are the mindless, irresponsible, government teat sucking liberals who are the biggest detriment to the working class citizen and the economy as a whole.  As long as there are “freebies”, these mooches will continue to vote for Obama.  There is also a sub-class here who want the above but will mostly vote, like Samual L. Jackson did, just because Obama is “black” which is only half true.  But half a vote for half a “black” individual is still half a vote.  The dead voters will round it out to whole votes.

The second secret weapon are the establishment Republicans that want the status quo of the party to remain intact.  It doesn’t matter that citizens want a conservative and a social conservative is beating the pants off a moderate McCain style opponent.  I consider the “social” part very important because that is where politics went awry from the people.  Politicians lost their decency and moral compasses over the years and that is why this country continues to fall into the abyss as it were.  maybe we should try another party for conservatives which would probably drain the GOP base into a status of inconsequential.  I don’t know but I do know that this is a time for conservatives to win if we can just keep the RINO conservatives at bay.