So says Sandra Fluke.  It seems that the main concern is all the sex that is happening at school and how it depletes the money supply so there is nothing left for, say, crack, coke or alcohol.  It can cost upwards of $1,000 a year for birth control and when you are on those public scholarships, oh how on earth will you be able to pay.  Then you have those people with zits or cysts that need to have them.  What?  Birth control cures zits and cysts?  Another friggin’ wonder drug.  What bullshit for wanting others to pay for whoring around.  Get a job.  No, better yet, get a life.

I know about cysts and ovaries.  I know about different birth control procedures and devices.  I’ve lived through it and still am.  This scam being perpetuated on the tax paying public is nothing more than another freebie for irresponsible people.  A girl got raped and didn’t think she could go to the doctor?  Wait a minute.  This is a college student that doesn’t know how to research or read an insurance policy to know what is allowable?  Ask questions of the policy provider?  Call a nurse?  Only the Dems would swallow this shit whole.  “You have to pass it to read what’s in it”.  Do they think that everyone is a valley girl from Ca.?

Go here and see what side effects come from birth control.  Look at the damage and danger that comes from abortion.  What are the medical costs to the general public for your careless acts of promiscuity?  Oh, no one bothered to think about that aspect or even look these things up?  Nothing but another freebie scam that we all will pay forever for.  Use a condom.  Have your sex and take your chance.  Birth control is already free.  It’s called abstinence.  Take responsibility!