Gotcha!  There isn’t any accident to owning or using a firearm for defensive purpose. Guns save lives.  If you don’t believe me, send an e-mail to this man who is an unbiased researched authority on the matter.  I know that I will never convince the ignorant until they have been “informed”.  Then they become the “deniers” for refusing to accept conclusive statistics from a pertinent sources.  What ends up making believers out of these people is a near tragic end that is saved by a firearm and the person holding it.  It usually is never the “obvious” situations or circumstances that convince these people but the “unforeseen” and accordingly, the ill-prepared.

I really don’t care how you wish to run your own lives and what you choose to partake/not partake in for preparedness in defensive circumstances.  I do care what is readily available to be utilized and will always fight for those options of choice.  I will leave you with an article of a gun saving a life/lives and intend to do this regularly so that the left has something to bitch about.  I will not be addressing the shootings at schools for one simple reason.  Even though it is always tragic to read about, we will continue to have this type offense repeated.  Criminals know the law.  Criminals know schools are “gun free” zones.  Duh.  For those kids who don’t have a good mental and spiritual foundation, they will continue to commit this type offense but usually others “know” ahead of time and refuse to speak out and stave it off.  And the kids will use whatever “means” they can to meet their intended goals.  Guns are but one of those means.