I will post 3 things here.  The first will be a blogsite which houses the Eric Holder video of  “brainwashing about guns”.  The reason I picked this site was for the comments.  Any blogsite that tries to have “intellectual” conversations on varying subjects tend to draw the misinformed and those with “good intent?” but lacking in thought and correct verbiage.  Please read the comments so that you can see others that “get it” trying to inform those who are tripping over their male members–to put it bluntly.

Second, to satisfy Ed “The Taser” Myers, are two links associated to the Trayvon Martin killing.  The first will be most to Ed’s liking since it appeals to his “assumed guilty before any trial” mentality. The next is but another news source and still pretty bias.  Charge Zimmerman if necessary; suspend his CCW.  LET THE COURTS deal with the legal or illegal justification of this event.  I don’t know all the data and will not assume anything.  There are always occurrences that happen to query the need of any law.  When those occurrences are the exception and rare, they are nothing more than a shame.  Get over it and move on.

The third will be another instance where a gun saves a life.  When guns are used 2.5 million times a year for legitimate reasons, it is only a wonder that we only read about those rare occasions of misuse.  I only caution the reader to think before you condemn.  We can’t all know everything all the time.

” Tim Patterson was cooking at The Big Yellow Mobile Kitchen as he did every day, when he heard a scream coming from the parking lot of a nearby Goodwill store.  He rushed towards the cries for help and didn’t hesitate to draw his Kimber 1911 .45 when he saw that a man had grabbed hold of a woman and had a knife to her throat.  “Drop it or I’ll shoot you!” Patterson warned.  The assailant immediately released the woman, dropped the knife, raised his arms and fled.  The victim, a Goodwill employee who was carrying a bank deposit in her purse at the time of the attempted robbery, was not injured.  (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

It doesn’t matter which state it happens in, only that it occurs and that gun rights make a difference.