This per the centrist Democratic think tank, Third Way.  It says that Independents are way up as a voting block and that they are NOT just Dems or Repubs in disguise.  Okay.  Third Way also promotes that the Dems should not dismiss the Independents because without them, the Dems can’t win.  Well, what about the GOP?  And if the Independents are such a powerful voting group (party) why don’t they field a strong, or even ANY, candidate for THEIR likes and needs?

Touch the link for Third Way and read what they are about.  It is centrist? thinking (progressive) who come up with ideas on meeting in the middle–not what is Constitutional.  They tout the liberal side of the industry of political thought and venues.  I, personally, don’t want a centrist, moderate, progressive stance on issues.  I want that which is Constitutional with everything following in line with that edict.  Like I said, if Independents are that great and important a (party), who are not GOP or Dems in disguise, why are they not promoting their own candidates in all races?  That is the question.