I am really frustrated here.  Obama is going around the country now taking credit for the southern portion of the Keystone pipeline.  Yes, the same idiot that said no and blamed it on the GOP for “pushing” the issue.  This after a lengthy study on the environmental impact.  Thing is, he had NOTHING to do with the southern portion and has no control over it, yet he wants the credit.  Think about the witless wonder Sec. Chu who buys into the Obama plan that petroleum is BAD.

Now I am stymied as to how a pathological liar and snake oil salesman can garner such support.  I have one answer: people are sheep.  They take things face value and swallow it whole as if it were gospel.  I believe that the Constitution with the Federalist papers and the Blackstone Trieste’s need to be required for a whole semester in public schools.  And not the “living” constitution premise either.  We are losing this battle to the uninformed and everyone pays the price for it.  Remember, Obama had 2 years of the Congress where he could have gotten anything he wanted yet the Congress has STILL failed to pass a budget.  There are 3 reasons why he continues to fail at every turn: he blames the Republicans in Congress, the Constitution or Bush.  He will never own up to his own ineptness and will continue to glaze your eyes with false trails.

I would recommend that when you run across a sheep in our society, you tell them about this wonderful thing called research.  They can find most things on Al Gore’s marvelous invention called the Internet and find the truth for themselves.  Without the truth, you can not be well armed and the truth WILL set you free.  Shame people if you have to for their laziness and apathy.  After all, what they do or don’t do affects us all.  It’s time to take off the kids gloves and make these people aware.  As it is said, “we truly are all in this together!”  Put an end to this man’s lies!