It could be for the disgusting commercials that we pay for which, eventually through government brainwashing, will make us stop smoking.  I thought smoking was legal but banned in different venues (and more every day)?  But Obama smokes.  And that sin tax fills the coffers.  What will happen to tobacco growers and their employees?  Who cares if we can offset the money spent on cigarettes with the money saved in less medical.  That gives us more money to disgust people with other brainwashing government commercials, like maybe this:

The government knows what is best and healthy for us and we need to be reminded of what we are doing wrong so that we can stop and save quadrillions in health care. Isn’t that the object of the exercise: spend less-pay less? Then maybe we can get down to some real cost savings in the medical community with this:

What is good for the goose should always be good for the gander, don’t you think?