citizen: Hello?
Peggy: Helloh, dis iz Peggy!
citizen: Yes?
Peggy: We have special offer today.
citizen: Not interested.
Peggy: Wait, it FREE Health Care!
citizen: Free?
Peggy: Yes, Iz Free!!
citizen: Free.
Peggy: Yes.
citizen: Bullshit. Nothing is free.
Peggy: No. is free.
citizen: Who is going to pay the Doctor?
Peggy: Doctor. Free.
citizen: Who is going to pay for the medicine?
Peggy: Medizine. Free.
citizen: Who is going to pay for the Hospital?
Peggy: Hoshpital. Free.
citizen: Bullshit. The Doctor ain’t gonna work for free, the drug companies are not going to give away the pills and the Hospitals need maintenance and utilities.
Peggy: Government pay. Not you.
citizen: Bullshit. Where do you think the government gets its the money from?
Peggy. I see. Need retraining.
citizen: You gonna get hit with the bat again?
Peggy: No. You go for retraining. Bye-Bye.


For the intellectually vapid, and clueless, the above picture is of Peggy