Shoot, I had tears in my eyes and almost stood up and saluted!

What happened to the statue wasn’t the biggest tragedy. It was the “political correctness” of it all. For the few, the many must suffer, because of intolerance and hate. The liberals use shame and condemnation to sway people’s beliefs so that they don’t appear “racist”. The statue has been on watch for 101 years and they want it relegated to the cemetery; if it is re-erected at all. Funny how some people want things they don’t agree with to be out of sight and mind when it is the history of our nation. History. I heard it belongs to the victors and they get to right it. Well, the Yankees sure did that and lied at every corner about it. Now it has become a “stigma” about why there was a war of Northern Aggression. I will say this. Us southern conservatives sure learned our lesson and the next time we have to kick your liberal Yankee asses, we won’t quit until we win and get to write the history. Rest assured, we will tell the truth and not be deceitful as was done to use. Enjoy the read.