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In a previous article, I discussed the tension that exists between liberty and legislation. The first is a right and a necessity, the second is a necessary evil. 9/11 gave birth to the TSA and all the laws and regulations that proscribe our freedom to travel. If one is not free to go where one pleases, in the manner and time of his choosing, then there is an abridgment of that freedom. Laws dictate how fast we can drive, and on which side of the road, and where we can walk or bike. Such laws governing the above fall into the necessary category.

The laws transition over the evil category when they are used to entrap. Manipulating posted speed limits is one example. Back in the 1970′s, a county in Texas had speed limits drop from 55mph to 30mph so fast that even slamming on the brakes would not keep you below the posted limit. A deputy was on location 24-7 writing tickets. A judge had the county take the sign down. Many jurisdictions subtly engage in similar practices.

Laws that impinge directly on other freedoms, in the name of regulating travel, are more egregious. The price we pay for flying is ridiculous. We have our dignity violated in the name of security; our privacy stripped away. We cannot even bring a bottle of water from home because everyone who wants to fly is under suspicion. This violates the 4th Amendment. The TSA thugs inflict indignities upon flyers that are worse than the profiling of El Al. Think about it, would you rather be questioned or fondled, or, scanned naked?

Children running up to hug grandma are subject to rank thuggery:

a recent incident in Wichita, Kansas has reinforced that argument, as a four-year-old girl was apparently subjected to a humiliating ordeal after she hugged her grandmother while she was waiting in line.

We have gone well past necessary into evil here. People flying from London to Rome have their rights less trammeled than do Americans flying from New York to Atlanta. Considering that London and Rome are the capitals of two separate countries, while JFK and ATL are but airports inside a single nation, this is absurd. What is even more absurd is that many celebrate their shiny new chains.

The next step will be railroad and roadside check points. The TSA has declared such activities to be myths. Then why have such check points been established in Tennessee?

A week ago, Tennessee became the first state to team up with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration to implement highway checkpoints for random searches in a move to counter terrorism.

According to the LA Times, the TSA has been busying itself elsewhere:

The Transportation Security Administration isn’t just in airports anymore. TSA teams are increasingly conducting searches and screenings at train stations, subways, ferry terminals and other mass transit locations around the country.

Other societies have succumb to fear, and sought to trade security for freedom. These societies paid a heavy price for such folly.  Americans historically bridled at the thought that their liberty was for sale at any price. Americans have a proud heritage of seeking freedom and opportunity, eschewing security — our frontier epitomized such freedom and opportunity. The Frontier Spirit gave us the power to persevere in the face of danger.  We would do well to remember it.

The most pernicious aspect of all this is that such restrictions and indignities have become the new normal. How can one miss something, if one never had it in the first place? Most people are too young to have experienced a world without the constraints that exist today, or they simply do not remember. An animal born in captivity does not notice the bars on the cage either.

Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Obama doesn’t like dictators that don’t “share” with the people but he likes dictators that do.  That is because those “heads of state”, to use the term loosely, always know what is best for their people…..or workers.  It is of no surprise that Obama hates the classes in America or the capitalist system that is used.  Envy, fairness and hate are his messages to the “little people”.  The cesspool that he has created really demeans the office he holds but now the turds are floating to the top.  The cleanup of this office has transcended to a SuperFund status where the material is considered hazardous to human health and needs concerted effort to negate the damage.  What has sent it over the edge?  In my opinion it is the presidents’ enemy list!

This is absolutely outrageous!  The donors that contribute to the opposition party are being called out and ridiculed with the “class warfare” mantle.  Have they committed any crimes?  Yes, they didn’t give to Obama.  Any other crimes?  No, but that doesn’t matter.  And he has the threat of using agencies as options to get these people because they are the enemy.  This is total abuse and not of higher ethics of the office he temporarily holds.  His mindset is to create hardship instead of taking care of business.  His agencies are fraught with corruption and he singles out GOP donors!  As this quote says: “If Mr. Obama isn’t going to act like a president, he bolsters the argument that he doesn’t deserve to be one.”

I would assume that this power craze would be enough for any liberals with half a brain to jump ship on Obama.  The intent shows how truly dangerous this man is and how he has utterly corrupted the office of the president.  We are on the road to communistic oblivion.  GOD help us when he loses, for the last 2 months of office he will surely do illegal acts to turn this country on its head!

Possibly coming to your town in the near future.  The possibilities are endless:  crowd control, campaign leaflet drops, crop dusting, “Peeping Tom” ventures, surveillance and, of course, extermination of the enemies of the state (determined by the god-child and his minions).  I have seen where smaller versions are being used by local law enforcement and others in some areas.  Now, instead of worrying about blue ice from jetliners, we may need to start worrying about out-of-gas drones coming through the roof.

What worries me most is the stress on the operators.  Some may already know the stress level and anxiety that kids get from X-box games.  Well this is much worse.  And although computer games are where the operators are “trained” on (if you are an operator and leave the military, you would be qualified to test games for a profession…..or be a proctologist), the stress levels are equal or more intense than ATC.  Can you image looking at a CRT for 12 hours at length with only slight visual change of that scene?  Dangerous and deadly mistakes can and will happen.

Drones have a place but the reliance on computers and a single individual to do such a taxing job may be more than anyone bargained for.

P.S.  If you spot one over your “air space”, don’t shoot at it.  They shoot back!

Number17 and growing.  But that isn’t what the majority of the citizens of Connecticut want.  The Dem majority in the congress and the governor don’t care.  Amnesty International says that Malloy has seen the light for this “barbaric” act BUT the 11 death row inmates were not grandfathered in.  Why you may ask?  Because of this horrific murder!  If it means so much to give justice and do away with barbaric acts within that justice, why not commute all death sentences and have a clear conscience?  Is this being hypocritical?  And what outcry will there be when another “Petit” murder happens in Connecticut? Maybe the people of Connecticut should have been listened to.

You won’t be able to read it all but here at wsj is an article where men’s “care” products are having their own shelves and aisles that compete with the size of women’s.  Really?  Has vanity gone that far or are men just wanting to take better care of themselves?  It seems that there are always influential factors behind this (wives, girlfriends, mothers, boyfriends) but for what cause and to what end?

Back when I was a little rascal, my mother always put Brylcreem on my hair to hold my “wave” (which was popular in the 50′s).  Now Rogaine was trying to replace what nature and genetics took away–my hair.  Bosley will “plug” me and there are various toupee shops to cover the rest (pun intended).  Why?  Vanity has usually been a woman affliction.  Men think it necessary to “get laid”.  Mama goes out the door wearing the same face I saw on the pillow and it is that natural, non Tammy Baker look that I married her for.  I have always known what to expect and be accustomed to.  So now men are getting on the prissy bandwagon.

I will apply hand cream sometimes because of the work and washing my hands get.  To keep them from cracking for lack of natural skin oil.  I wear sunscreen with moisturizer because I am in the sun everyday and all day and I still get that “weathered” look.  I use a soap to get the grunge off and wash away that fragrant “man”odor after a hard days work.  And, yes, I sweat.  Do I NEED more?  Pedicures, manicures, exfoliates, eye creams, face creams, hair tint or colorization, back hair waxing, chest hair lazing, and don’t forget that male “bikini line” defoliation that needs tending.  C’mon, what are we promoting here?  Tummy tucks, pelican gullet tucks, face lifts, eye bag removals.  We are becoming an age where someones sense of beauty is affecting our individual lives for no reason.

I don’t use mirrors often but for the occasional injury or while doing a tick check on places I can’t normally see.  I already know what is in the mirror when I look and I am happy with it.  I do have the occasion to check my nose to make sure the Chia Pet doesn’t get out of control but other than that, I’m good.  Maybe some of the products help and maybe not.  I always thought that that was what diets and supplements were about.  And exercise.  And love.  Are we as a society delving into something that really has no basis for existence?  Are we creating a new culture that will be of envy or bane?  Me, I’ll take a Scott Glenn over a Boy George any day of the week.

I remember when we had a truly polluted environment. Most of the people born after 1980 simply do not. I recall watching the Cuyahoga River burning in Cleveland. I remember leaving a white shirt out on a window sill at noon and it turning grey by bedtime. I remember the blue haze coming out the tail pipes of cars, and the black smoke erupting from the stacks of diesels. None of that is happening today. I remember the acid rain. That is gone as well. Why? Because the conservation movement, which was about cleaning up the U.S. so Americans could continue to prosper, did just that. Not only are there fish in the Cuyahoga River, one can fish for them.

The conservation movement was a massive success. The US is a far cleaner place today. The conservation movement has been hijacked by the environmentalist movement. They are not the same. The first was democratic and sought to clean up our heavy industries. The second is socialistic/dictatorial and seeks to destroy heavy industry. The first was the result of a bourgeois middle class wanting to see what could done to improve the American Standard of living. That later is the result of elitists demanding the global redistribution of wealth.

The conservationists had an American Indian crying on the side of the road as some slob throws garbage out the car window — seeking to prick our consciences. The environmentalists run snuff flicks where people are blown up for not wanting to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ by 10% — the killing of people is supposed to be funny to this lot. Teddy Roosevelt, was an avid hunter and a conservationist. Hunters are overwhelmingly conservationist. Al Gore is an environmentalist, who lives in a 30000 SQFT house that uses up more energy that any 3 towns in Uganda. “Earth First!” and “ELF” are two organizations that are made up of environmentalists. Confusing the environmentalists with conservationists is a deadly mistake.

Pack your trash people. We have done our job. We can move on. The earth now has … plastic!