The Justice Dept. (read Eric Holder) has had too many election violations showing up in states as well the Voter ID requirement, which Justice deems unconstitutional.  In order to simplify the process and make it fair for all to vote without harassment, Holder has decided on new regulations when voting in the general Presidential elections.

All people wishing to vote in the Presidential elections will need to register their party affiliation before they will be allowed to vote.  Upon registering, a party pledge will be signed signifying how you MUST vote in the election (vote cancelled and a $2500 fine or 3 months in jail or both will be assessed if you switch party votes).  A gov’t PICTURE ID or voter ID card with birth certificate will be required to register.  Registration must be at a DMV or voter registration office of the state or county and done by April 30th of this year.  Failure to register disallows you to vote.  Renewal is done on each election year basis.  IF YOU MOVE from your voting location after registering, you will not be able to vote as your address will have changed.  They need to prove that you live at your specified residence 6 months after registration closes which means you will show a current utility bill with your name on it as prove when voting.  Holder says “This will allow those who want to vote to have the same rights as everyone else and will cut down voter fraud to nill.  It will also eliminate those from the voter roles who are criminals or have since died.”  Are you kidding me???

What do the Independents do?  They either have to register GOP or Dem unless they register Ind.  And if they do and don’t field a candidate, then I guess THEY don’t get to vote.  I’m sure that that will go over REAL well with them.  By the same token, it will make them take another side and show everyone their true leanings which, I am guessing here, is what Holder and Obama think will benefit the Dem cause.  It seems that that is a big chance being taken.  Just a guess since I cannot figure out what is going through these wackos heads!

It doesn’t specify early, absentee or any other types of voting but I bet those won’t be allowed.  As with guns, he reads what he wants into or out of the Constitution and I can’t find where it stops him from doing this.  Senate Democrats say a Bill through the Congress is not necessary and can be done by Executive Order.  President Obama intends to issue the order by this Monday.  Someone has got to make a lawsuit and fast track it to the SCOTUS before this election.  This is going way too far in my opinion!