Michelle Obama has told Barack that they need to cancel the White House Easter egg roll.  Michelle has deemed the celebration of the Easter Bunny as childish and detrimental to children.  “The idea of small children finding dyed eggs while having to buy pretty clothes is nothing more than a Pagan ritual” she says.  She further states that “…the killing of chickens and the needless waste of food in these economic times is beyond disgraceful”.  What?  Oh, wait.  It gets better.  “I informed the girls long ago that things like the Easter Bunny and the Stork are for the individuals that need promise of a false hope. Reality and grounding is what these children need”.

These are the mentors of “Hope and Change” which has been shown to be false since they occupied the White House.  As a rebuttal to bringing “Presidents Day” back to the original “George Washington’s Birthday”, the Obamas are going to eliminate the Easter holiday and move Kwanzaa to Easter Sunday where there “…can be a holiday of good and hope.  One that celebrates our African-American heritage with a sense of reality.  Barack sees this as moving forward to uniting our country and it will promote a well being long sought after”.  I wonder if eggs are on the no-no list of foods yet.  I’m sure retailors will be real happy about this.