I can’t get the droning to stop. The TOTUS keeps sputtering the same drivel, over and over and over. The TOTUS has spoken so often in public he is now recycling his speeches en toto. The worst part is that he is fabulously wrong.

People do not need health insurance in order to get health care. The nation is not one doctor’s visit from the morgue. Catastrophic health insurance is available for $300 a month. Give it a rest. Please.

The solution is not a government take over of one-sixth of the economy. Two-thirds of the country hates the bill the TOTUS rammed through Congress and got passed illegally in the Senate. Ask the Democrats who went down in flames in 2009, 2010, and 2011 — with 2010 being biggest Democrat loss since the Civil War. The Blue Dog Democrats are now officially extinct. That small vestigial voice of sanity has been excised from the Democrat party. Instead we are subjected to the endless, creepy droning of the TOTUS as he reads off the teleprompter words he did not write or edit prior to the event.

As a “Constitutional Scholar” Obama should know that the judiciary not only has the right to strike down this hyper-partisan bill, that is its charter. The review of schlock legislation, written by hacks such as Van Jones and left unread by the power-drunk, botox-addled harpy, Nancy Pelosi, is the duty of the court. Did Obama forget to read Marbury v. Madison during his time in Harvard? What was TOTUS’ grade for that course?

The federal government is forcing people to buy something? Really? That means the bill violates the 9th Amendment:

The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

and the 10th Amendment:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The federal government was not granted the power to force the purchase of any commodity, and it should be considered ‘black letter law‘, but the bubble in which Obama travels leaves him blind to some basics — basics that even a ditch digger would get, but that Obama and his fellow travelers miss. The people and judges laughed Obama’s Solicitor General off the podium when the case came before SCOTUS. Forcing the Judiciary to read the bill in its entirety was seen as a violation of the Eighth Amendment. One would guess this bill is a tough sell.

The reason that the current health care system is messed up is because it already has far too much government control and manipulation. The government wage-and-price controls during WWII forced employers to buy health insurance for employees as a fringe benefit. That fringe benefit has since become highly regulated by various state governments. Federal Medicaid and Medicare programs distort the market even further. The end result has been a rise in costs that has outpaced inflation by a factor of two to four for the past fifty years.

Only in unregulated segments of the medical industry do we see normal market behavior. The price of Lasik surgery, for instance, has dropped every year since it became available. What we need is reform that allows people to have access to more market-based solutions, not fewer. Tax-exempt medical savings accounts are another means by which people would be encouraged to engage in managing their own health care decisions. A market- and people-based approach is far less intrusive than having government bureaucrats’ taking control of our health care — and with it our bodies. A bill that provides people with more choices in how they manage their healthcare would likely be far less verbose, and therefore something that the Justices might be willing to read in its entirety.

November cannot come soon enough.