You know Tim Kaine. He was the best Governor of the state of Virginia. Tim Kaine; who had a one billion dollar surplus when he took office and squandered it to a two billion dollar deficit in just a couple of years. On top of “hiding” money for his future pet projects. Tim Kaine; the absentee governor who was the head of the DNC and voted/backed everything liberal and wasteful. The governor who had his head so far up Obama’s ass, trying to curry favor and a VP appointment, that when he came out for air, most people thought he was a Negro. Yes, that Tim Kaine.

But wait–check this out on the Buffet Rule.   He’s saying that they are tripping over dollars to pick up pennies.  That is a conservative understanding.  Letting the Bush tax cuts expire to LOWER the deficit isn’t.  And he spells it out that the “timing” isn’t right.  Hmmmm.  So in actuality, he wants BOTH taxes on the people.  What he’s saying is “I don’t want to be known for being in favor of taxes when I am trying to get elected to the Senate.  Afterwards, no problem!”  This guy is an April fool, and that is no joke!  Show up at his next campaign venue and tell him what you think.