I give all credit for the theme to Jacob.

Liberties are what we strive for.  That quality of life that allows us to pretty much do what we want and how we want to.  Example:  we should have the liberty to buy any type of vehicle made with whatever fuel is offered.  When you have CAFE standards and dipshits trying to curtail the use of certain fuels, that is stifling your liberty and that of the manufacturer.  Your responsibility is to insure your vehicle and abide by the rules for operating that vehicle.

You own a restaurant and you want it to have smoking, you should not lose the liberty to do that through any government prohibition.  If people don’t like the smoke, they can go somewhere else.  Since smoking is legal, the government should not dictate where and when.  If that happens, your liberties are being curtailed and you need to fight back and replace these clowns.

I have a neighbor.  The parents are irresponsible with their dog and they let the dog roam so that it can take liberties crapping on my yard.  The neighbor races to stop signs in the community.  Guess what?  The kid does the same thing with the dog and when he drives.  He also plays bass at plus-infinity.  the neighbors complain and the parents just say “it’s just being a kid”.  Nope, it is just being irresponsible and the kid learned from the parents.  Yet the parents will bitch when the HOA holds them to account and the parents wonder why they are being “singled out”.

Liberty is having a small, non intrusive government doing what its Constitution directs and mandates it to do.  Responsibility is the government using the money collected for legitimate purposes given it by that same Constitution and not collecting more than is necessary.  Not unlike government, people have responsibilities.  For themselves, their families, their jobs, their neighbors, their planet.  These same people should not take liberties of someone else’s property, livelihood or personal issues.

I’m sure that you (the audience) can come up with many examples of liberties and responsibility BUT it is the examples containing both that interests me.  The two together create small government and quality of personal life.  Take either one out of the equation and you have infringement.