I remember when we had a truly polluted environment. Most of the people born after 1980 simply do not. I recall watching the Cuyahoga River burning in Cleveland. I remember leaving a white shirt out on a window sill at noon and it turning grey by bedtime. I remember the blue haze coming out the tail pipes of cars, and the black smoke erupting from the stacks of diesels. None of that is happening today. I remember the acid rain. That is gone as well. Why? Because the conservation movement, which was about cleaning up the U.S. so Americans could continue to prosper, did just that. Not only are there fish in the Cuyahoga River, one can fish for them.

The conservation movement was a massive success. The US is a far cleaner place today. The conservation movement has been hijacked by the environmentalist movement. They are not the same. The first was democratic and sought to clean up our heavy industries. The second is socialistic/dictatorial and seeks to destroy heavy industry. The first was the result of a bourgeois middle class wanting to see what could done to improve the American Standard of living. That later is the result of elitists demanding the global redistribution of wealth.

The conservationists had an American Indian crying on the side of the road as some slob throws garbage out the car window — seeking to prick our consciences. The environmentalists run snuff flicks where people are blown up for not wanting to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ by 10% — the killing of people is supposed to be funny to this lot. Teddy Roosevelt, was an avid hunter and a conservationist. Hunters are overwhelmingly conservationist. Al Gore is an environmentalist, who lives in a 30000 SQFT house that uses up more energy that any 3 towns in Uganda. “Earth First!” and “ELF” are two organizations that are made up of environmentalists. Confusing the environmentalists with conservationists is a deadly mistake.