You won’t be able to read it all but here at wsj is an article where men’s “care” products are having their own shelves and aisles that compete with the size of women’s.  Really?  Has vanity gone that far or are men just wanting to take better care of themselves?  It seems that there are always influential factors behind this (wives, girlfriends, mothers, boyfriends) but for what cause and to what end?

Back when I was a little rascal, my mother always put Brylcreem on my hair to hold my “wave” (which was popular in the 50′s).  Now Rogaine was trying to replace what nature and genetics took away–my hair.  Bosley will “plug” me and there are various toupee shops to cover the rest (pun intended).  Why?  Vanity has usually been a woman affliction.  Men think it necessary to “get laid”.  Mama goes out the door wearing the same face I saw on the pillow and it is that natural, non Tammy Baker look that I married her for.  I have always known what to expect and be accustomed to.  So now men are getting on the prissy bandwagon.

I will apply hand cream sometimes because of the work and washing my hands get.  To keep them from cracking for lack of natural skin oil.  I wear sunscreen with moisturizer because I am in the sun everyday and all day and I still get that “weathered” look.  I use a soap to get the grunge off and wash away that fragrant “man”odor after a hard days work.  And, yes, I sweat.  Do I NEED more?  Pedicures, manicures, exfoliates, eye creams, face creams, hair tint or colorization, back hair waxing, chest hair lazing, and don’t forget that male “bikini line” defoliation that needs tending.  C’mon, what are we promoting here?  Tummy tucks, pelican gullet tucks, face lifts, eye bag removals.  We are becoming an age where someones sense of beauty is affecting our individual lives for no reason.

I don’t use mirrors often but for the occasional injury or while doing a tick check on places I can’t normally see.  I already know what is in the mirror when I look and I am happy with it.  I do have the occasion to check my nose to make sure the Chia Pet doesn’t get out of control but other than that, I’m good.  Maybe some of the products help and maybe not.  I always thought that that was what diets and supplements were about.  And exercise.  And love.  Are we as a society delving into something that really has no basis for existence?  Are we creating a new culture that will be of envy or bane?  Me, I’ll take a Scott Glenn over a Boy George any day of the week.