Possibly coming to your town in the near future.  The possibilities are endless:  crowd control, campaign leaflet drops, crop dusting, “Peeping Tom” ventures, surveillance and, of course, extermination of the enemies of the state (determined by the god-child and his minions).  I have seen where smaller versions are being used by local law enforcement and others in some areas.  Now, instead of worrying about blue ice from jetliners, we may need to start worrying about out-of-gas drones coming through the roof.

What worries me most is the stress on the operators.  Some may already know the stress level and anxiety that kids get from X-box games.  Well this is much worse.  And although computer games are where the operators are “trained” on (if you are an operator and leave the military, you would be qualified to test games for a profession…..or be a proctologist), the stress levels are equal or more intense than ATC.  Can you image looking at a CRT for 12 hours at length with only slight visual change of that scene?  Dangerous and deadly mistakes can and will happen.

Drones have a place but the reliance on computers and a single individual to do such a taxing job may be more than anyone bargained for.

P.S.  If you spot one over your “air space”, don’t shoot at it.  They shoot back!