Supervisor Clark asks a simple question, “How much is this going to cost the Loudoun Tax payer?” Chairman York fails to make the distinction between cost and reasonable cost. It seems that Chairman York does not care. This is outrageous, it is the Loudoun taxpayer’s money, Mr York.

Chairman York then tries to demean Supervisor Clark by trying to compare building a school with paying WMATA and its Union forever. Mr. York not only failed, but he made a fool of himself to boot. This is classic York. He is utterly ruthless and has no regard for the facts. Then, York acts surprised when called to task for his bad behavior. Mr York’s retirement from public office is long overdue Loudoun. When are we going to learn? Loudoun County has been duped once again by this charlatan.

Mr. York, the studies show that ridership on metro will not lessen traffic in Loudoun. During the meeting, Supervisor Reid was quoting pages from these studies earlier that very same evening York went ape on Supervisor Clark. Here again, Mr. York ignores any and all data that does not support his stated goal of bringing rail to Loudoun.

Rail supporters and even WMATA all agree rail will still come to Dulles Airport, even if Loudoun Co. does opt-out of this incredibly costly deal. A deal that appears to cost more and more every time it is revisited or discussed. Loudoun’s share of the Capital Improvement Costs that run currently 13 Billion Dollars, is an unknown that would give pause to any reasonable executive who has the public trust. Yet, York refuses to take this under consideration. Why? This only makes people wonder all the more, “What is the really driving Mr. York here?”