The bikers are back scaring the fish away. Although I am a biker myself, the real action and purpose is an hour away yet they feel the need to disrupt old peeps retirement and relaxation. Since my 8 cyclinder brain is only running on 3 these days, and my patience is like 100 year old dynamite with glycerin leaching out, they ought to know better than to buzz me while sitting at Starbucks. Pretty soon I’ll need a vacation from my retirement vacation. Sheesh!. I’m liking the posts and appreciate the time given this blog. Please keep up the good work so I can do my “honey-do’s” and fish while working on my tan. And to all those who may feel envyous….don’t be. It isn’t what it is cracked up to be when you slow-w-wly get around. It is just much better than where you guys are right now!