Obama decides to attack his predecessor during the ceremony where the portrait of President G.W. Bush was being unveiled. Obama is a small man precisely because incapable of taking responsibility for anything negative. He continues to blame the current miserable state of economy on anyone but himself. So far the stated reasons for the economy has being lackluster are, ‘Bush‘, ‘warm winter’, ‘the dollar is high’, ‘robots’, ‘Japanese earth quake’, ‘high oil prices’, ‘cold winter’, ‘the internet’, ‘Bush‘, ‘low oil prices’, the dollar is low’, ‘Republicans’, ‘housing prices are falling’, ‘Bush‘, ‘ATMs’, ‘climate Change’. ‘Wall Street’, — it is a litany of woe. That he does so at an event that is supposed to celebrate his predecessor only cheapens him all the more. Classless. Clueless. Frankly, Obama is getting kind of creepy.

The POTUS’ lack of self awareness is becoming laughable. He attacks people for going to Vegas and then proceeds to go on vacation more than any other U.S. President. He attacks Republican Lobbyists for lobbying, and then places a myriad of Democrat Lobbyists on the Whitehouse staff. He attacks Wall Street, and then proceeds to stuff his administration with insiders from Wall Street, and, accepts more campaign donations from Wall Street than any other U.S. President. This goes beyond conflict of interest — it ventures into being down right conflicted. He and his harridan wife lecture us about eating right, and the he sneaks off for a burger BBQ? The rich need to pay their fair share!! Obama, the $10,000,000.00 man, hires accountants and pays an effective rate of 20.5%? The irony! The hypocrisy! It burns!!