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At the crack of dawn the heat and humidity tried to dissuade me from going to the build.  Not a chance.  There was about 60 helpers to begin with (many kids) along with the 5 home staff and 8 contract builders.  Supervisor Clarke was there and I had a brief moment to talk with her before I had to go back to sweating.  Mike Martinez stayed the whole day.  He made his speech, did the flag raising and handled the photo op.  What he mostly did was watch and talk with the participants.  I had a few occasions to have some lengthy chats (it was hot and humid and the order of the day was to pace yourself).  What a great guy.  He takes his disability in stride, usually pulling off his prosthetics and propping his legs up on the table.  He even gave consideration of going into the “misting” tent but thought better of it when considering short circuting his prosthetics .  He was really humbled and happy with the turn out and the “gift”.  He got it wrong.  He WAS the gift for us!

We got all interior and exterior walls up and wrapped in Tyvek.  Most of the trusses were up when I left at 5pm.  There were only 6 of us left by 2:30.  The home is going up fast and volunteers are still needed to spell the old geezers like me at times.  If you can find any time at all, show up and they will feed you, give you drink and put you to good use.  It was fun, I was honored to do it and would do it again.  Unfortunately, a death in the family had changed my plans so I was fortunate to give one days service.  I wanted to give more and I will do this again in the future.  My time well dedicated.

Our friend from Ashburn Ed Kravitz, is again asking for our help in defeating the cash sucking black hole Metro Silver Line.

We should thank Ed for staying in the fight despite being outspent  by the special interests trying to foist this overpriced, ineffective and rejected transportation project on Loudoun County. It is good to know someone else cares about fiscal responsibility and the truth. It warms my heart to know there is someone in Ashburn who passed 10th grade economics. Hope.

Thank you Ed.


Ed’s email:

Fellow Conservatives:
Many of you are very angered today by the Supreme Courts ruling upholding Obamacare, I am as well.  So lets stop government wasteful spending right here, right now ! No matter where wasteful spending generates from, Leesburg, Richmond, or Washington, it must be defeated !

The Obamacare decision is a smack-in-the-face reminder that we need to be ever diligent in selecting those who represent us, and voicing our opinion on issues that matter to you and your family. Obamacare pushed by the left in Washington,or wasteful transportation projects promoted by crony capitalists in Loudoun County, the results are the same, liberty lost and your money wasted.

Maybe we should adopt the slogan from those crazy environmentalists: “Think Global, Act Local.”
 This Friday or next Tuesday our own Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will vote on this biggest financial boondoggle in the history of this county, Metro to Loudoun!  It looks like the Developers,Democrats and their political allies looking to feather some nests have the votes, but we are still unsure about where Supervisors Ken Reid and Suzanne Volpe are on the proposal. They both seem to  be playing both sides of the issue. However, the Developers and their free spending allies claim to have them both in the bag!  This concerns me.

If you are as concerned as I am and furious about the take- over of big government and unnecessary spending at all levels of , then make your views known today! There is no time to waste.
Call, Email and Fax these two Supervisors. Tell them NO TO METRO !

Email Supervisor Ken Reid- Ken.Reid@Loudoun.Gov
Email Supervisor Volpe- Suzanne.Volpe@Loudoun.Gov
Board of Supervisors Phone- 703-777-0204  Fax- 703-777-0421
Your fiscally conservative friend,
Ed Kravitz
 p.s. Go down the basement and grab your Gadsten Flag, we have work to do.

The Supreme Court ruling today on Obamacare is a first in many ways, but the most critical one will probably be overlooked by most people. In the decision, for the first time ever, the Supreme Court has overturned it’s own decision in the same decision.

That’s right, in this decision, the Supremes first rule that the penalty for not buying health insurance is not a tax, so the Anti-Injunction Act does not apply and they can rule on it. Then they overturn themselves and say that it is a tax, not a penalty, so it is constitutional.

I guess it depends on what the meaning of is is.

Addendum: I must say that National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius, in the unprecedented move of overruling itself, can only be compared to Helvering v. Davis, which relied on the “precedent” set in Stewart Machine Co. v. Davis, which the Court ruled on the same day!

Don’t look around the room at others because you need to be looking at yourselves.  Everyone will say they are doing their best, their kids are being treated with respect and they are taught right from wrong.  By what definition of “right and wrong”?  Child rearing isn’t about being “fair” but it is about instilling a foundation of moral code and responsibilities so that those children can build upon that foundation as adults when they get “kicked out of the nest”, which is the natural order of things.

We have the bullies on the bus intimidating a women, who show no respect for authority or an adult, cussing and demeaning the whole time.  We have teachers berating kids for political purpose and bias.  Teachers “indoctrinating” children not by text but by personal beliefs.  You have the shooting of a police officer at a Denver family jazz fest.  Protesters living like animals, destroying public and private properties, to get their fair share of “free” from others.  Kids running free, video taping their escapades of shooting people with paintballs and BB guns as they drive down the road.  Or of cold cocking an unsuspecting elderly person just for fun.  These animal children belong to someone but you will tell me they aren’t your children and your children don’t do those things.  Maybe they don’t do them YET but what teachings have they been given that you think will curtail activites like stated above?

We have lost the right of discipline, we can’t hurt feelings or be competitive.  We must allow children to learn their own lessons (per one parent).  The SCOTUS just made a ruling that kids who murder can no longer be given life in prison because it is considered cruel and unusual punishment.  So what have those children learned from this?  What would happen if the parents had to do the time for the child’s crime?  I personally think that more children would be more likely to screwup since the consequences fall somewhere else.  This would be a real indicator to show how much your children love and respect you, and how good a parent you thought you were.

I ironhanded my kids.  They got away with absolutely nothing.  This was a tradition passed down by my parents and the old ways.  It works just fine and here is how I know.  Their mother couldn’t discipline (leaving the job solely to me) and she would try to buy the kids favor with kindness, gifts, excursions, dropping punishments, etc.  I was the bad guy and the kids would play the sides to get what they wanted.  Homey don’t like or play that game!  The kids are on their own and they look to me for help, knowledge and just good conversation.  Their mother gives them grief about putting me “on a pedestal” when it was she that gave them everything they wanted.  This tells me 2 things: I did my job and instilled a good foundation for them to build upon, and kids WANT and need constraints.

I’m sure you think your kids will be fine.  I’m sure you think that you are a good parent.  I’m sure you think these terrible instances happen because of location or money problems or bad schools or ignorance or……..  All I can say is maybe, just maybe, people need to re-evaluate what they are doing and fight to bring back what parents are losing as tools in raising children.  You can let them become wards of the government or even wards of the state (prison) but in doing so, someone becomes a victim of those crimes. Yes, the fault may be the individuals directly but they had to learn things from somewhere.

A statement was made by a commenter here: “I’m pro trying to make Metro work,…..The reason is, we are a bedroom community from coast to coast–even the rural west has very few farmers-for-their-living, and a whole lot of just-longer commuters.”

A bedroom community would be something like Hamilton; not the whole of Loudoun county and beyond.  And, yes, the RURAL west may have few farmers but how does that justify longer commuters, which is exactly the issue I have with all this.

The 3 classifications of living environments are urban, suburban and rural.  I consider suburbs part of city life so lets just deal with city folk and country folk.  Country folk like the open outdoors with peace and calm and that is their quality of life.  City folk like people crowds, living very close to you neighbors, hussle and bussle.  I had to conform to city life when those folk rolled over me like a tsunami.  Why?  Because my job and my home were 4 miles apart and that is the way it is suppose to be.  My quality of life was sacrificed somewhat by the influx of people.  I still had the quality of life when I got off of work and spent no more than 15 minutes on the road (use to be 5) to get home and get into my things. As it turns out, my quality of life was sacrificed for someone else’s quality of life and I’ll explain.

Things grow.  Places expand with development and it is called progress.  A fixed “center” is the government in DC.   Many people work directly for or with that government but WANT to live somewhere else, and that is okay.  The problem ensues when someone wants to have a quality of life AND live far from their place of business.  When this happens transportation becomes the issue.  And Loudoun is all about transportation.  We build and improve on a constant basis and to what end?  So that commuters can have an easier and shorter time with their commute, get their quality of life back and still move farther out as “communities” continue to engulf them.  I see much of this traffic going THROUGH Loudoun instead of it being easier to get around within Loudoun.  Who suffers by all this?  The first group and every subsequent group who sacrificed some of their quality of life to be close to their jobs.  Some can’t afford the cost to live close to their jobs and some no longer work and cannot afford to move.  This is all being done for someone else’s quality of life in the guise of “progress” and “needs”.  Bullshit.  It is for selfish reasons of a few that refuse to sacrifice.

There are many alternatives to being at work and many businesses understand this.  This is where faxes, conference calls, tele-commuting, computers and a host of other modern technologies and alternatives come in.  This is to save time, money, overhead and frustration and it works well if you use it.  Businesses understand and utilize these concepts.  People want and need their quality of life and they should have what they can get without the burden of a few selfish others.  If you live too far from your work and you commute, reasonable steps can be taken to ease your time BUT your live/work situation is usually a self inflicted wound where you want others to sacrifice for YOUR wants and needs.  No.  It is time to stop this foolishness and look at your own hand and responsibility in this mess.  If businesses can’t get the people to them, they usually move to the people.  After all, you can only have so much “business” in DC before you need to start bulldozing residential so that business can expand.

In essence, Metro will change none of this and is only being conceived for a selfish few.  It will be under used and not change the progression of development.  What it will do is change the quality of life of those who previously sacrificed as well a new group.  Metro isn’t about transportation anything.  It purely deals with quality of life or the lack there of, for everyone involved.

I received a mailing about a community information meeting to be held:



7 TO 9 PM

It will discuss necessary improvements at intersections of Potomac View, Sterling Blvd., and Augusta as well Rt.7 east and west bound in this area.  Construction to begin in early summer this year ( schools out and asphalt plants are running) and I’m sure traffic will be a mess.  The Hon. Supervisors Volpe and Delgaudio, as well contractor, engineer and planner, will be in attendance to answer any and all questions.  This is an IMPORTANT meeting that needs your attendance.. Further information can be obtained at this site.

This has been a public service announcement.

I received the following email this morning from a concerned fiscal conservative, Mr. Ed Kravitz of Ashburn. Ed is not at all happy with the less than forthright job his Supervisor Ralph Buona is doing in providing objective information to the citizens of Ashburn regarding the Metro Silver Line to Loudoun. Like me, Ed believes Metro to Loudoun is being pushed by a narrow band of special interests, and their allies in both political parties. It would appear that those who ran as fiscal conservatives were not at all different than their opposition, at least on the subject of spending millions on Metro. Millions for a project that by MWAA’s own study does nothing to ease traffic on Loudouns roads.

Ed’s email :

Taxpayers of Loudoun County, you are being Hoodwinked into believing Metro to Loudoun will do anything to alleviate traffic and gridlock.
This from Supervisor Ken Reid’s newsletter:
“During the Board’s review of Dulles Rail — which was allowed under a 2007 agreement with Fairfax County and the Metro Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) we discovered documentation in the projects required Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) showing that the Silver Line to Routes 606 and 772 in Loudoun will not alleviate traffic congestion on our major commuter roads.”
“I-66, Rt. 50, the Greenway, and the Dulles Toll Road will all remain at service F (Severely congested, gridlock) with or without Phase II! Unfortunately, only a small percentage of Loudoun Commuters are projected to use the Metro for commuting.”
You will spend millions annually to fund a transportation project that was rejected by the Federal Government as a transportation project and for good reason, it provides little or no relief to Loudoun County commuters, it will do nothing to take cars off our roads.
What a waste of your money !
Your fiscally conservative friend.

Ed Kravitz