I received the following email this morning from a concerned fiscal conservative, Mr. Ed Kravitz of Ashburn. Ed is not at all happy with the less than forthright job his Supervisor Ralph Buona is doing in providing objective information http://cialistadalafils.com/ to the citizens of Ashburn regarding the Metro Silver Line to Loudoun. Like me, Ed believes Metro to Loudoun is being pushed by a narrow band of special interests, and their allies in both political parties. It would appear that those who ran as fiscal conservatives were not at all different than their opposition, at least on the subject of spending millions on Metro. Millions for a project that by MWAA’s own study does nothing to ease traffic on Loudouns roads.

Ed’s email :

Taxpayers of Loudoun County, you are being Hoodwinked into believing Metro to Loudoun will do anything to alleviate traffic and gridlock.
This from Supervisor Ken Reid’s newsletter:
“During the Board’s review of Dulles Rail — which was allowed under a 2007 agreement with Fairfax County and the Metro Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) we discovered documentation in the projects required Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) showing that the Silver Line to Routes 606 and 772 in Loudoun will not alleviate traffic congestion on our major commuter roads.”
“I-66, Rt. 50, the Greenway, and the Dulles Toll Road will all remain at service F (Severely congested, gridlock) with or without Phase II! Unfortunately, only a small percentage of Loudoun Commuters are projected to use the Metro for commuting.”
You will spend millions annually to fund a transportation project that was rejected by the Federal Government as a transportation project and for good reason, it provides little or no relief to Loudoun County commuters, it will do nothing to take cars off our roads.
What a waste of your money !
Your fiscally conservative friend.

Ed Kravitz