I have been watching this of late and the figures have now changed.   The Navy, in conjunction with DOA, EPA and DOE will be using biodiesel in the near future in their ships…….WARSHIPS!.  Now the Brits saw too many problems with this and would only think about using bio as a third (and last) option.  Not the US.  They are ready to jump on the “global warming” bandwagon, regardless the consequences or costs.  The problem with biodiesel is the water content, the lack of stability in storage, it’s affected by high temperatures AND it costs $26 per gallon.  Back in 2010 the price was$16 per gallon.  They promise the price will come down in time.

Algae farms and crop land will be in high demand.  Screw feeding people (which probably is why there are death panels in the healthcare act), let’s make expensive fuel instead.  We need the energy independence now, at all costs.  Pretty soon we will all be flying on bio and feel better about ourselves for it.  I can’t wait for the electric planes so that we can really show we care about the planet.