Yesterday 20 people fainted at the Obama rally in Roanoke, we are not sure if they were overcome with heat or sickened by Obama’s failed policies.

Today Obama will be at Centreville High School and there will be a Rally to protest his policies:

Emergency Rally Against Obama
In Front of Centreville High School at an Obama Rally
6001 Union Mill Road
Saturday, July 14, 2012 1pm to 3pm

Bring signs against Obamacare and demanding transparency on Fast and Furious..

Park at Union Mill Elementary School and walk over to Centreville High (Safe pathway) Tables and sign making supplies will be at the Union Mill parking lot. Union Mill Elementary School, 13611 Springstone Drive, Clifton, VA 20124

Not sure if I can make it, but if anyone goes – please share your experience.

UPDATE: Greg L’s excellent video from the Rally/Protest