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“The Denver Post is reporting today that gun sales in Colorado have spiked 41 percent since the shooting at the Century 16 theater in Aurora last Friday. And the Colorado Bureau of Investigation reports that its approval of background checks for new firearms purchasers jumped 43 percent within the last four days.”

I have been having an issue with some commenters going to spam. I have been waiting for the filter to “re-learn” commenters and it appears that Triberal is back to getting in without my help. But when I saw master blogger Joe sitting in spam I became concerned. I have discerned that the filter does not like the word(s) “your website”. The third box for commenters states”your website” and is grayed out. If you have those words in your e-mail address, delete them. If the third box is blackened, blank it out or if you type a comment and the gray area stays, wipe it out. I have not found where I can eliminate this third box. Buyer beware!

As a country’s income increases, the county’s income distribution flattens. The best mathematical model for income distribution is the log-normal distribution — take the natural log of every individual’s income, and it approximates a Gaussian (“normal”) distribution.

Looking at the data from the Pew Research Center (Figure 4) we can use the median income as-is and fit the rest of the numbers to log-normal distributions. Over the past generation, median household income has increased from $27,036 to $51,777. If the standard deviation of the log-normal distribution had scaled as did the median, there would, in fact, be less income inequality than there is today.

The difference is that those at the 20% mark would be making 3.5% more than they do, and those at the 80% mark would be making 3.4% less. Those at 10% mark would be making about 5.3% more, and those at the 90% mark 5.1% less.

Everyone has been following the news report of last night’s deadly shootings in Aurora Colorado at the premier of the “Dark Knight Rises”, and the speculation from so called News Agencies has been pretty much what we have all come to expect.

Rush Limbaugh has been blamed by the left.

ABC News immediately speculated that the gunman was a Tea Partier in Colorado.

Then released the following statement:
“An earlier ABC News broadcast report suggested that a Jim Holmes of a Colorado Tea Party organization might be the suspect, but that report was incorrect. ABC News and Brian Ross apologize for the mistake, and for disseminating that information before it was properly vetted.” ~ ABC News retraction

The innocent Tea Partier has already been interviewed and is rightfully concerned that he was implicated.

The real shooter has been identified.

Is he a leftist OWS/Black Bloc member?

Looks like this is just speculation on OWS and Black Bloc.

The Insufferable Nanny Bloomberg has already opened his big YAP on more gun control and how our Presidential Candidates should proceed.

The families are in shock and their lives have changed forever.

It has barely been 12 hours since the shootings and the whole thing is making me sick.

It appears that there are not enough Senate votes to pass Law of the Seas but John Kerry doesn’t want the vote to come up until after the election. This is political pandering. LOST seems to get “lost” on those that don’t have an understanding of its meaning. The sovereignty of the United States is all that needs recognition to keep the UN out of our lives but too many people “in the know” don’t want that. They want the US to comply with a corrupt body so that are Constitution will be deemed null and void. It is a wonder how these people, in their misguided “quest” to do what is right for America, are so easily steered in the wrong direction and persuaded to do what is exactly WRONG for us instead.

I am trying to figure out why we allow a corrupt, foreign body on our soil anyway. The UN is full of dictators who massacre their own people, commit terrorism on other nations and allow chaos to be the order of the day. Their resolutions and orders have no teeth and just like the paper tiger they are, they use the term “give it more time” relentlessly while Nero fiddles and Rome burns. I have no problem being a member nation but since others don’t abide by the UN rulings, why should we? And why, for heaven’s sake, do we want this body on OUR SOIL? Maybe more would get done if it were relocated to Syria, North Korea, Rwanda or some other conflict country. It is hard to have your head “stuck in the sand” when the ground you are on is sowed with mines!

When a President denounces his “enemies”, which are domestic and the citizens, do you think that the wrong person is sitting in the seat of power? The report first came out in April and had to do with those individuals who donated to the Romney campaign. It appears that now he is giving retribution on those who are on the list. This tale is of one. Reading the story you find how a government of the people exists to serve the “one” and it has only to do with political ideology. This is pretty disgusting behavior for anyone usurping power of office. How safe do you feel as an ordinary citizen under this regime?

Apparently there is a dangerous line of thunderstorms headed our way this afternoon and evening – not sure how far West they will reach but DC is on the radar. Dealing without AC is one thing, but losing everything in the Refrigerator/Freezer is quite another!