The dishonesty of the Democrats this year has blown passed insipid, through vapid, past farcical and hit full Retard. Wasserman cannot concede a damn thing, even when the truth is staring her in the face, and not see her narrative come apart. Even Wolf Blitzer is recognizing what would be obvious to any 5th grader, eventually forces her to admit the obvious: It does not impact the seniors who already are on Medicare, nor does it pull the rug out of those about to retire. The rest of the population has over 10 years in which to make the needed adjustments, the Romney/Ryan plan impacts those 55 and below.

The money for the social welfare is programs is running out, frankly the money for all the programs is running out. The current government interference in the market is having a huge impact on the price of medical care, and is threatening the medical industry and the ability of ordinary citizens to get reasonable access to care. Which is the opposite of the programs stated purpose. Government action has driven up the price of medical services at two to four times the rate of inflation since WWII. Maybe the solution is LESS not MORE government interference. People are not stupid, especially when they are treated like adults, as opposed to treating them like ignorant and gullible children.

The reason Wasserman cannot concede even the obvious is that once people are given choices they are unlikely to want to give them up. The progressive mantra is: ‘we will take care of you‘; because, ‘we think you are to dumb to take care of yourself.‘ This is a fatal conceit, one the Frederick Hayak described in . The question for the progressives should always be: ‘Who are you to make decisions for me?!?‘ This sort of debate is lethal to Wasserman’s narrative. so we are forced to hear of the imagined carnage with 80 years old’s with no health care. The trouble is that while this scenario is not being proposed by anyone — Wasserman needs this false narrative in order to breed fear and to intimidate voters.

Fear and intimidation is the hallmark of bullies. the Democrats have become bullies. Bullies, when given power, become tyrannical. America was founded on the idea that people can take care of themselves, and in doing so, they then pursue happiness. This pursuit is what leads to prosperity. Government cannot manage our lives. We need to manage them ourselves, if we are to prosper. The Romney/Ryan plan is but one tiny step back towards the people managing their own lives. The Wasserman’s of the world want to manage your life for you. How appealing is that?