Well, James Carter, grandson of President Malaise himself, really stepped in it. The “secret” recording with the little “gotcha” moment has finally been released in toto, and it is really good. Except for that one little excerpt, when Romney erroneously conflated the 49% who don’t pay U.S. income taxes with the 47% on the dole, this is Romney at his best.

NBCNEWS.com has the transcript, too.

Just a few snippets — go listen to and read the whole thing…

I’m just– just– we didn’t talk about immigration today, but gosh I’d like to bring in more legal immigrants that have skill and knowledge. I’d like to staple a green card to every PhD in the world and say, “Come to America. We want you here.” Instead we– we make it hard for people who get educated here or elsewhere to make this their home.

Unless, of course, you have no skill or experience, in which case you’re welcome to cross the border and stay here (LAUGH) the rest of your life. It’s a very strange setup– run by people who don’t understand that we’re in a global competition of ideas and– and our idea has to win, but only if America remains strong.

the biggest surprise that I have is that young people will vote for a Democrat. They look at this and say, “Holy cow. The only guys that are worried about the future of our country and our future are Republicans.” But the– the Democrats– you know, they– they talk about social issues, drawing the young people, and– and they vote on that issue.

I’ll give the specific on Iran and then maybe talk more broadly about foreign policy. The specific on Iran is– we should have put in place crippling sanctions at the beginning of the president’s term. We did not. He will say, “Yes, but Russia wouldn’t go along with us.”
Well, he gave Russia their number one foreign policy objective. For a decade all they’ve cared about is getting the missile defense sites out of Poland. And he gave them that and got nothing in return. He could have, I presume, gotten them to agree to crippling sanctions against Iran. He did not, which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest foreign policy errors of the modern time.

Good stuff. I hope he hits 0bama with some of this in the debates.