No, I am not talking about Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Admittedly Lunch Bucket Joe does provide some of the most knee-slappin’ hilarious moments ever demonstrated by a Vice President. Take his most recent comments on college athletes, classic Biden!

Most of us read and post a lot of commentary and analysis to support our points. Two of my favorite thinkers put out excellent commentary this week – Thomas Sowell and Mark Steyn – as is their norm. There is very little I disagree with from either whether they are opining on the press, monetary policy, international/domestic policy, Democrats or the Republicans. One makes me literally laugh out loud while stinging with facts, the other makes me chuckle due to the simplicity and clarity of his arguments. Sowell and Steyn are quite simply two of the smartest and funniest men in America.

Steyn’s piece “Bowing to the Mob” and Sowell’s piece “The Fallacy of Redistribution” are must reads.