I have heard some stories about the fishing here at the beach. Seems that where the catch of Flounder was 2 or 3 a day average has shot up to 20 to a hundred. Optimum day was 200. Not only unusual but very strange.

I got here to find the beach sand green which tells me that algae is choking the water and the fish are coming into shore for a “breath of air” so to speak. Some on the pier are talking about the blight of “blue tongue” amongst the deer population in some states that is dessimating the deer herds. This is caused by weather conditions that bring a mud up on shore, creates a coty in the flies that bites the deer.

This has been an unusual year for weather conditions, natural disasters and earthquakes. These type patterns are really unheard of, happening in such a confined time frame. Now you are going to have the green nutjobs blame it on mankind but I really don’t know how man can cause plate shifting or the ideal conditions to spawn algae accumulation, mud throws, red tides or most other conditions that seem to be showing up. I don’t think it is planet alignment or liberals doing this. But like any other pending doom scenario (think Y2K, planet alignment, etc.), it stays forefront on your mind if things may be related. Indians (the woo-woo kind) have always been able to predict the weather and nature of things. So have most cultures that turn to nature for their knowledge and life styles. At this point (and prior) I cannot scoff at why the Mayans stopped their calender, other than it is suppose to summon the Jaguar King back to rule the earth–I guess kinda like the second coming for Jesus. As man, we can’t change it or fix it, nor should we try. Nature has always been a bigger force and needs to be respected. I am wondering what will be next and what is really in store for us as 12/21 gets closer. Strange……..very strange.