Why, no, it is not. The administration was pushing a lame idea about bringing war criminals to Illinois, which has plenty of criminals running free throughout the state, and closing GITMO as previously promised. The funding, in tune to 165 MILLION dollars, was shut down by Congress…..as it should be. All of a sudden the idea is back on the table by Holder. Why, you ask? I think I have an answer for you.

The correctional facility is called Thomson. I am assuming that it was named after some corrupt politician in the state. They usually have prisons, banks, parks and latrines named after them. Anyway, it is well known that the American public would never stand for having radical terrorist garbage being housed on our own soil. So what gives? Why the urgency? First off, notice that the prison is in Illinois. The US govt-your tax dollars-buying an out lived building puts money in the state coffers. Smart. Secondly, have you read are heard what has been happening for the last 4 years? No? It has been a litiney of government corruption against the US and its people. It is getting much worse and much bolder and coming to a head. People are going to be going to prison for their treachery and we need a place to house them all. Third, most of those people CALL ILLINOIS HOME and want those convenient close to loved ones stay. You know, for their newspapers, congical visits and cakes with crack rocks in it. Yes, I understand that housing 2,500 individuals in this facility is a bit small compared to all the czars, pages, lackys and go-fors that need to be incarcerated with the rest of the administration but it is a step in the justice direction. These people already know the jig is up and are taking caring of planning now. Do you think they are going for broke because it is the smart thing to do? They are still relying on those ignorant masses who want a car in garage, steak in the broiler and free everything else to pull them through to the win. But like all intelligent criminals, you never do the crime without a contingency plan.

Now this was funny while I was typing it and I see my ADHD as a special gift when it comes to these type posts. That said, thinking outside the box and following linear logic, do you think I might be on to something here? I would book odds in Vegas on it.