The look on David Gergen’s face at CNN said it all. Obama got hit by a bus. The bus is called reality. Obama has been sheltered by the media for the past six years. softball questions with no follow up. No critique of his answers. No fawning adulation. The shock on Obama’s face was obvious. He was lost. No teleprompter. No command of the facts. I guess he should have stayed with the girls from The View.


Obama was angry. Obama was angry with Jim Lehrer, despite getting FIVE MORE minutes of speaking time than Romney. Obama was angry with Romney, who was busy mopping the floor with him. He was exposed. The emperor has no clothes, for the emperor has no answers. His responses to the questions were the same tired cliches from four years ago.

Obama trudged back to corporate jets for Exxon — Romney educated the president that the $2.5B in oil subsidies go primarily to small wildcat outfits that are the real risk takers in the industry. Romney then asked about the $90B in subsidies to the windmill and solar panel green energy industry, the overwhelming majority of which went to companies that are now failing. Obama has given green energy 50 years worth of oil subsidies in one year. If $2.5B is bad, how much worse is $90B? Obama had no answers. Picking winners and losers is wrong. How much worse is it to only pick losers?

Obama droned on about “Tax breaks for exporting jobs” — Romney never heard of such a thing, and he has over 20 years running businesses. “Only 5% of business are purely owner operated, so what is the problem with raising corporate taxes?”, says Obama. “That 5% creates three quarters of all the new jobs”, is the reason why Mr. President. Romney was spot on, it is about employment. Each new job is a double win for the country. Each job means one less unemployment or welfare check needs to be cut. Each new job means more taxes can be collected, without raising the rates.

Looking at his shoes, like some errant schoolboy, Obama got his head handed back to him. Implementing the recommendations in the Simpson-Bowles report would have been better than doing what Obama did do, which has been nothing. Obama crowed how it is now going through to the congress. Mr President, you have had four years to turn this report into a bill, and then into law. How about a budget Mr President?

Obama claims to have found $4T in cuts in the federal budget. So why has the budget run deficits of over $1.2T each year he has been in office? Obama had a super majority for 2 years and has had the senate for all four. Romney worked with a Democrat super majority as governor. What has been obvious is Obama does not know how to work across party lines. At. All.

We are in trouble in this country. We need leadership. What we got is Obama. Obama is a shadow of James Earl Carter. James Earl Carter was the worst president in US history, until now.