Ben Boltz is an 11 year old triathlete with one leg — let that sink in a minute.

After Ben had completed the swimming and biking phases of the race, his prosthetic leg detached. Moments after Ben’s leg gave out a Marine, Matthew Morgan, offered help and carried Ben across the finish line. This story was reported by Katie Tammen of “The News Herald” The story hit me hard as it demonstrates how blessed we are to be citizens of this great country. From Tammen’s article:

In the moments Ben was debating whether he could hop or maybe crawl the rest of the mile, a man named Matthew Morgan, a Marine who had volunteered to help at the youth event, stepped in.

“(Morgan said) ‘You need help?’ and I said, ‘Sure,’ and he picked me up and carried me,” Ben said.

For the next half mile, Ben held onto Pfc. Morgan with one arm and his prosthetic leg with the other.

Ben said he and Morgan didn’t really speak after their first exchange, but more Marines gathered around and sang a cadence.

Semper Fi Morgan.