So this is the guy we elected? The Redistributor in Chief? The man sees the world in clear lines of division. Rich v. Poor. Haves v. Have nots. The pie is only so big, and we need to carve it up ‘fair.’ OK. This is the typical socialist class warfare mantra. This is the message of the leftist — the economy does not grow, you cannot win, its just a question of how do the spoils of the nation economy get distributed. This itself is cause for alarm. All that talk about bringing prosperity is to all is really about robbing Paul to gratify Peter.

The scarier part is that he reveals himself to be a believer in racial spoils as well. He see the world in terms of Black v. White. This is racism. Racism fused with Socialism is Fascism. Obama has been a cypher since his waltzing on to the American National Political stage. It has been quite the performance. Why did it take so long for his birth certificate to finally become available. His birth was announced in several papers, so why not cough up the document and avoid the conjecture? Why are his transcripts sealed? Why is there evidence that he passed himself off as a foreign student? Why is this guy a chameleon who is truly a different man before different people. He is a politician, but why this degree of blatant dishonesty?

He ran on being the great uniter. Hope and Change. On this very blog the delusioned intoned solemnly that he is a conservative. Today the OWS types rant on about being betrayed by their Dear Leader. When the hype is that you are all things to all people, the reality is that you are nothing. This president tripled the number of Czars and unilaterally cut our nuclear arsenal by two thirds. Obama nearly double the national debt four years, and halved the rate of growth in GDP. He shut down drilling off our coasts, and on our federal lands and sent Billions of our dollars to Brazil to subsidize their oil production? Who side is Barry Soetero a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel a.k.a Barack Obama a.k.a really on?