When I pulled into Starbucks to work this blog, I was made aware of a conversation going on in some Arabic language. The table near my vehicle had 4 middle eastern individuals having some type of heated and focused conversation. Since I don’t speak the lingo, I tried to ignore it. After about 15 minutes, a car pulled up and the gentlemen stood in unison. They shook hands with each other except with one individual, who they all decided to kiss and hug in turn. I tried to size up the relationship as this kiss and hug was more that “see you later”. More like “see you in the next life-save me a virgin”. If they all had kissed and hugged each other OR not kissed and hugged at all I would have not given it a second thought. The 3 men got into the waiting car and drove off. The kiss-and-hug recepient got into another vehicle and SPED away.

I kmow European, some Asian and some Middle Eastern customs of greeting and affection. This one seemed out of place and made me leary. I am watching the news for anything that may relate to this scene I observed. Maybe I have just become more aware since this “spring” movement has come kmocking on America’s door. There may be nothing to it but I did have my “Juan Williams” moment. I’m just not feeling as safe as I used to be. Is this a sign of the times for us?