An interesting article in the WSJ talks about the church pulpit pushing early voting in many parts of Florida, where Romney seems to be in the lead and both sides insist that Romney must win Florida to win the election. Conservative churches are pushing people to vote their values while many Negro churches are busing voters to the early polls. The Negro churches feel that the new law that shortened early voting is unfair and that voting now (pushing their congregations) only helps Obama. Why would they want to do that when Obama and liberals suppress the poor and Negro in every shape and form?

Both liberals and conservative churches are handing out information at their churches and pushing for the “values” vote. Yet what seems to conflict some Negro congregations are the assaults on religion and Obama’s pro view for same sex marriage. This statement seems to sum up things pretty handily:

“Without warning [Mr. Obama] assaulted our faith by contradicting the word of God and redefining the concept of family” said the Rev. Anthony Evans, president of the National Black Church Initiative. Mr Evans said he was “praying” about whether to vote for the president.

God doesn’t worry about man’s law, only God’s law. If you state that Obama assaults your religion and that you vote “values” then what is there to pray about? This is the key question you need to understand and you don’t think the quandary has anything to do with race? I think there needs to be some soul searching within the church and its pastors.