I hired on with a company for retirement benefits, as was explained to be the thing to do by the older generation. Health benefits were included in the retirement which is why my pay wasn’t all that great. It was a package deal for now and the future. No COLA, no raises….just a predetermined rate. Here is the math:

A=my gross pay minus B which are current rate of taxation with medical contributions (computes to 29%) = C my net pay of 71% of gross. D is my retirement gross minus E which are current taxes and medical contributions (still at 29%) = F my net retirement income (which is but 1/4 of what C was). E now has a deduction for medical (E.1) which computes to 8.5% of the total of E. I just enrolled for the new calender year for medical and E has changed to 40% where E.1 is now 33% of E. F, my net income is now 1/5 of C.

What I am trying to show is that my medical went up 2,000%!! That is TWO THOUSAND PERCENT! My net income is now below government poverty standards. The kicker in this deal is that a caveat states subject to change as MORE of ObamaCare gets enacted….not WHEN. So when the sheep, freeloading sons-of-bitches tell you that ObamaCare is good, helps the poor and gives FREE birth control and abortions, you tell them this Reb is now poor, wants birth control for all those ignorant liberal lovers so they can’t breed further stupidity and only hope that the abortion part is also for POST birth because there are many of them I would love to abort right now. This ain’t funny but rather sickening and sad with my (and others) situation. It never had to come to this but for liberals. I erased the rest because it wasn’t christian which I don’t feel much like right now. Obama and his cronies need to become extinct!