One of our liberal commenters here had an altercation at a breakfast event. Although his side of the story stated he should be held harmless as not initiating said confrontation, I would tend to disagree. Supposedly it was over the wearing of a political button. I think the button was the trigger for culmination of disdain which finally reached its apex.

As the title states, what you say makes impressions with people. It allows others to perceive some of what and who you are. When what you say is considered offense to others, they remember by holding a grudge. When what you say affects peoples’ lives, as in political viewpoints, they REALLY hold a grudge. Liberals find things that don’t exist. They have called the Tea Party out on many topics like spewing race hating, unruly, destructive, riotist and others. This is projection and shows no areas of truth yet this is what the left espouses. Liberals are the ones that shoot bullets into campaign office windows, burn cars, mob fight with LE, destroy signs or damage property or steal and so forth. Now when those same views and behaviours are put on the political stage where peoples’ livelihoods, assets and individual controls are put in jeopardy or even eliminated, those same oppressed people will get angry. I shake my head when I hear rabid liberals espouse lies because they actually don’t have logic, reason or the truth and they won’t look at the facts. Easy example: you get your jollies by poking a cat in the ass with a stick. Every time you see the cat you commence with this same behaviour. The cat runs away and is perturbed by this action. The cat remembers you and that stick each and every time. You poke that cat one too many times and the cat, who has finally had enough of your shit, turns on you by scratching and biting you. You blame the cat because you did nothing wrong and you really believe that.

Animal action performs mostly by instinct, sometimes by habit. Humans react differently–through logic. Unfortunately, humans also have and have always had an “animal” side to their psyche. When they get “poked” too many times, rationale leaves and instinct prevails. This is human nature. There is no such thing as civilized society when you have “pokers” constantly upsetting the apple cart. Something will inevitably have to give and if you are the poker then you are the focus of the give. Liberals can dish it but are always in awe when they become “receivers”. You reap what you sow and I have no sympathy for you.