I have friends that say that having Romney lose is a good thing. Because he is so liberal, if he won, the party would just move more to the left and we would be in even worse shape.

I’m not so sure.

I am not a doom and gloom kind of guy. I’m mostly upbeat, and I tend to think we can survive almost anything. I’m not sure the country will survive four more years of Obama. But while I may hope and pray otherwise, it is a possibility I have to consider. The United States is not the New Jerusalem of the Bible. It is not God’s chosen people. So while I will pray for the POTUS, SCOTUS, congress, and the rest, I know the only hope for anyone is not found in the government. Liberals tend to think that big government is the salvation of the people; conservative tend to think small government will be the salvation of the people.

Neither is true.