UPDATE: The Other “Other Woman” hires legal big guns. Although Jill Kelley appears to be the person that sparked the original harrassment investigation which discovered the Petraeus affair with Paula Broadwell, we have to ask why she is lawyering up to this extreme.

This is a rapidly developing story.

This afternoon it was reported that General Petraeus’ resignation had been accepted by President Obama after he admitted to an affair and he would not be testifying next week on Benghazi.

Two hours later the reports were that the resignation was delayed by 3 days to come after the election.

Reports followed that Petraeus’ biographer Paula Broadwell was his mistress.

Now the reports are that not only was this resignation delayed, but Petraeus was under investigation for the affair and was still sworn in as the Director of the CIA.

How the Bengahzi Scandal weaves into this decision, and how the events on September 11, 2012 were handled in the midst of the investigation and the election is the big question. Director Petraeus’ statements 2 weeks ago, prior to the election, claimed that at no time were the operatives on the ground denied support from the CIA – contrary to several other first-handed and leaked reports.

If Benghazigate didn’t stink before, now it is a rotting corpse. Even by Washington Scandals, this thing is huge. “General Betray Us” was the chant from the left during the Bush Administration, oh the irony.