There are what, 71 days left in Obama’s first term as president? The die has been cast and the people want 4 more years of what has happened so far. The “lame duck” session is coming with so much to be resolved but never gets done until after the year ends and the new Congress comes in. With relief of the election behind him he can now work with impunity towards getting his unfinished agenda list completed, make that special deal with Putin and set up his future dates for rounds of golf on courses yet un-played (think European vacation here). In The WaPo (I will gravitate towards the lefts favored news sources to stave off further accusations that I get all my news from hyped nutjob right leaning bias WSJ or FOX) it states that some cabinet positions will/may change. Clinton wants to go and Holder wouldn’t have his feelings hurt if he did. Kerry, the war hero, who threw his medals on monument steps during a protest of the Vietnam war, may get the SOS position, or maybe Rice. In other words, you replace ineptness with more ineptness and push bad policy further down the rabbit hole.

Here’s the problem. There is the steaming pinata of feces hanging over Obamas’ head that needs to be dealt with. Now that the president doesn’t have to worry about 4 more years, are we going to get things like Fast and Furious or Bengasi resolved as well some others? People died for some reason and we still don’t know what that reason was or who was involved. Will Holder and Clinton allow themselves to be thrown under the bus since they want/do not care about going? Will the survivors of the deceased individuals feel that their “pound of flesh” will have been extracted fairly? Will the MSM further sweep these issues deeper under the rug till they die an inconspicuous death? Do the American people really care anymore about these issues at all? Will all the others directly tied to these fiascoes be given pardon and escalated to posts of more power? Are our borders safer because of inaction? Will Iran and the radical muslim world escalate their terror initiative further with more boldness? Stay tuned for the next episode of Days In Our Lives.