There is an elderly widow of my acquaintance who is quite well off — she owns three houses (plus a vacant waterfront lot in one of the richest neighborhood of her Tidewater city), has a guaranteed-for-life pension courtesy of the US taxpayers, Social Security on top of that, Medicare and TriCare, and over the last two years has inherited several hundred thousand dollars. This woman believes that it is “immoral” that we do not have universal, single-payer health coverage a la Canada. When asked whether the government should legislate morality, she hesitated (sensing the trap but seeing no way out) and said, “No, but we should be moral. We should take care of our own.” (Of course, she does not attend church.)

Now, there is a poor, uninsured, middle-aged friend of hers who needs a heart valve operation. She, of course, is not willing to pay for it.

This is the “morality” of the left — generosity with everyone else’s money, but not willing to help her own friends in need.