George Will has an article in the Japan Times in which he touts the oft-heard theory that “Demography is Destiny,” and the Republican Party is too slow to recognize this. Of course, he does not offer any solutions — it is far easier to criticize than to actually provide constructive criticism. (Feel free to go read the article yourself — I found nothing worth quoting in it.)

I want to address two issues here. The first is to question what exactly is meant by “Demography is Destiny,” and the second is to offer constructive criticism.

First, when one says “Demography is Destiny,” is the implication that the increasing Hispanic population will drive the United States to be another banana republic? While that is certainly a possibility, it is not necessarily destined to be. My experience has been that the more removed one is from the ancestors who immigrated here, the less likely one is hold the same political views. The become American, not Hispanics, and not hyphenated Americans. Those “Demography is Destiny” people seem to think that Hispanics — who came here for jobs and opportunities — are incapable of comprehending the fact that it is the socialist systems of the countries they left that killed the jobs and opportunities there, that they are incapable of seeing how the socialist systems in Europe are killing jobs and opportunities there now.

Unlike the statists, who encourage people to be stupid and treat people as though they are stupid, I think that Hispanics (and Blacks) are capable of understanding economics.

And now we come to the constructive criticism. We need to educate people about basic economics. Certainly, there are those who will refuse to see, because they are blinded by the idea of having power over others; but the statist model is The Evil Leading The Ignorant. That is why they must maintain control of the public schools and the media. If the people are educated, they will not elect the statists.

This is the outreach that we conservatives need to do. This will not be easy. We are opposed by the public school system, and we are opposed by the mainstream media. They will lie and misrepresent to keep their power. We cannot simply go through this little exercise every four years through the campaign offices. We, as individuals, must engage the mislead citizens in conversation — one-on-one, mano-a-mano.

Most Blacks and Hispanics are culturally conservative. They are pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-life. When we put up these moderate candidates who say they are pro-family, pro-marriage, and pro-life, but their public records show otherwise, Blacks and Hispanics have no reason to vote for them. When we run moderate candidates for president, we lose. When we run conservatives, we win.

Now, we have to address immigration. The best start is to address the problem of legal immigration. It is an extremely complicated process, and people often wait many years before they are allowed to immigrate here. So our laws keep out those who respect our laws, and ignore those who do not. That is insane. So, forget “comprehensive immigration reform.” First, simplify and shorten the process for immigrating here legally, and expand the quotas. That will encourage more people to go through the proper channels. Second, strengthen and enforce the laws against hiring unlawful aliens. Require that employers use E-Verify to verify employment eligibility.

Conservatism can win Hispanics and Blacks to the Republican Party. The goal of the statist is to keep the Blacks and Hispanics poor and dependent on the government. If those truths are conveyed to Black and Hispanics, it will end the Democrat Party.