One of the commenters here is talking about going back to basics and work from the local elections up. Just like the muslims want to dominate the world, the progressives are in their conquer mode to do the same. It has been 7 days since their victory (never wait to see what results you were victorious for) and they are already chomping and biting to turn everything blue; which is the color of despair and depression in case you were wondering. Nothing shows this more than what is being posted at the Shank Delgaudio website aka TC. Think of a numeric counter with fixed positions. Once that counter has reached its apex number, it resets itself back to zero. What has happened at the Shank Delgaudio website is that they have become so-o-o-o conservative that they have passed the delineation barrier and fallen into extreme liberal–now having to move themselves back down to the too conservative position.

The Bengasi cover up is nothing of the truth when it comes to a progressive. “Wait and see” before you rush to judgement. It is being investigated. And when it gets swept under the rug then you will hear from these same progressives “there was nothing there to act upon and everyone was just head hunting”. This is the goose. Delgaudio is the gander. Why the difference? Because progressives have a divine contrived right to do what they want, even if it is the opposite of what they say. So you have lefties stating they will campaign for even a moderate to win the Sterling seat. You have lefties beating up the Dems to get their head out of their asses and run a “decent” candidate (that made me retch just typing that). What you have are progressives looking for a “win” with nothing more in mind than to get rid of Delgaudio. And why is that? Because they don’t like the guy and his beliefs but NOT because of the job he is doing. Eugene has a record that shows serving well to his constituency. Hey, people voted against Obama cause they didn’t like him either. I use my votes for sounder reasoning than that.

So I would pose this to readers here–start your campaigns in your individual districts for your candidates now. Let the LCRC know that you aren’t happy with the crop of candidates that they are backing. It isn’t about an “R” win, it is about a win for the county populace and principles. If the atheists, homosexuals, thugs and power brokers don’t like it, well, they are the minority and without true cause. It is about government, not personal issues. Have a list of “education” materials. Give them 6 MSM sites of moderate and extreme nature-3 for one viewpoint and 3 for the opposing viewpoint. Turn them on to some of the blogs out there so that they can see what people hold “important” to what government should be doing for them. Most of all, impress upon people that principles matter and it isn’t about a “win” but it is about the fiber of community, town, city, state. For me–until something proves otherwise, I think I will begin my campaign to re-elect Delgaudio on his RECORD… it should be.