New and damning evidence has just surfaced from the scientific community about the mystique and purpose shrouding the non-continuation of the Mayan calender. With the recent rash of unexplained natural phenomenon occurring on a greater than usual occurrence, mathematicians, microbiologists, geneticist, archaeologists and the mentally insane wearing sandwich boards have reached a conclusion through consensus of astonishing proportions. You remember that cootie called “Ebola” which no one has ever been able to pin down the cause of, other than possibly occurring in nature? Well now there is a new cootie, yet unnamed. It has been proposed and of understanding that by the time 12/21/2012 rolls around, the cootie (which has already infected everyone) will make human reproductive organs disappear! That’s right. No more procreation since the Mayans believe inbreeding greatly affects the strain of good qualities in man. The Mayans use to use human sacrifice for their cause and existence. Well, this is the ultimate human sacrifice that will pave the way for the Jaguar King to come back to a “clean” earth and re-populate it with his good seed. Once this happens, a new Mayan calender will begin until the next cleansing becomes evident and predictable. Haven’t figured out what will become of those 72 virgins after death. Will they remain virgins for eternity now? Will it dampen the cause of martyrdom? Will we be remembered as the unic society? Questions, questions questions and little time for answers. I guess that porn videos will now be classified as historical documents and put into a time capsule.