Again we are being distracted by sex scandals by top officials, cover-ups where people die thru ineptness or covert agendas. F&F was about destroying that pesky 2nd Amendment. Bengasi got in the way of an important election. The sex scandal doesn’t compromise state secrets when the administration tells those secrets freely. Hillary won’t talk until next month when everyone will be tired of this ordeal and when she runs for president in 2016, she will just blame Obama for being a bully and woman hater, which will garner her the sympathy vote and she will win. Nothing to see here. Oh, yeah. The subject of this post.

Some years back a bunch of old Judao-Christian white dudes looked at the worst of the world governments and worked up a plan and set of rules to create a unique government. In the 90′s, some European governments were telling America not to follow them down the rabbit hole. Huh? Oh, that’s right. We have been “bending” those rules for some years and getting away from the master plan. Entitlements are what they are known as. Well we haven’t paid attention and those entitlements are growing and becoming the elephant in the room. Europeans? That socialist agenda is promoting collapse of which the may never recover. America? We have re-elected the socialist liberal agenda and trying to play “catch-up” with Europe so that we can all collapse together (remember, no losers. We’ll all be winners). SOTS is being pushed for passage. The Small Arms Treaty is back up at the UN for passage and that will take care of our 2A. Companies are laying off employees wholesale. The stock market is spiraling downward with all the good news. Taxes are back for SS, pensions, death, luxeries and even many commodities, gas, food stuff……oh hell. Anything you can think of is being proposed for tax. MD is going to tax another dollar on cigarettes cause it saves 70,000 lives a year. What? When the sin tax is gone cause you stopped smoking, you need to find a new tax source. But marijuana is okay. Government lands are now being closed again to stop energy exploration so that jobs can be destroyed-not created-and people can decide which “need” is most important each day.

The problem is that people who work are being bled dry. Those on fixed income are also. The poor will remain poor. The middle class will be made poor. The wealthy will find another place to live and invest. And we will join Europe in the socialist armageddon. We should have heeded the lesson when Europeans told us. Or maybe we should have heeded the warning of those old white guys of long ago. Isn’t that the reason we have a 2A?