I read this article today. I government health panel is promoting this. What captured my attention in the article was the number “65″. Here are some dots: Medicare at 65 (soon to go up), SS at 65 (now going up), both programs almost bankrupt, Health Care Act with boards that deny expensive drugs, operations and procedures on a “case” basis, baby boomers reaching the public dole phase. Have you connected the dots yet?

Quick story–for decades now I have to have a procedure every 3 years (started at 1 year and then every 2 years). This last time I asked my doctor if it could be pushed out to 5 years and he told me this: “after a couple more then it won’t matter and they will stop”. That would put me at……65. This number keeps coming up and it seems to be an ingrained foundation number with medicine. Reading this article you will see that after 65, those people are out of the testing range. With the social safety net running broke and the medical side of the house being costly, why is 65 so important? My thoughts are that you are now collecting “free” money and services and you have become a blight. I never want to think of myself as a negative asset or a burden but the numbers seem to prove differently. I cost too much and am not worth the costs. I don’t think I am reading anything into this but that number “65″ recurring the way it does, makes me think of the possibilities and it doesn’t seem to bode well for seniors.

There is no magic potion of good health and there is no fountain of youth or elixir of life. There is only you and the system and, it appears, if you get sick or disabled, the system would rather do without you than deal with you. Just my take.