Become unionized. Unless you have been living in a cave, everyone knows how the union hates Wal-Mart because it can’t sink its killing tentacles into the business. Things like steel industry, auto industry, garment industry, remember Hostess?, even the sports industry. The union spent 12 million dollars on Walker’s recall and lost. That was a lot of dues flushed down the toilet instead of taking less from its members. Now the union will picket Wal-Marts on its busiest day of the year because of “low wages and poor working conditions”. Sound familiar?

Here are the 2 statements that stuck out:

“OUR Walmart, which said it is no longer a subsidiary of the UFCW and is an unincorporated nonprofit association, said the protests aren’t about forming a union. Instead, the group is protesting alleged unfair labor practices, such as manager retaliation against OUR Walmart members in the form of schedule changes and employment termination, the group’s officials said. NLRB officials are also contacting the UFCW for its response, and will likely contact OUR Walmart. “

You got that? Then explain this:

“OUR Walmart is an independent organization of Walmart associates who have come together to call for changes at Walmart,” said Mary Pat Tift, who has worked at a Kenosha, Wis., Wal-Mart for 24 years. “We are raising our voices to try to create better jobs and a better company.”

Wal-Mart said OUR Walmart makes it clear on its website that it intends to call for union recognition. The UFCW has been involved in prior efforts to represent Wal-Mart workers.”

Something about “speak with forked tongue” comes to mind. Yup, the liberal assholes are running headlong to ruin this country just as fast as they can. Welcome to the 2nd term of Obama.