One of my pet peeves for many decades (and this goes way back to Va.’s Blue Laws) has been the arcane laws left on the books for the state and federal governments. This article brought that back into mind. We pay our Congress to go on breaks and vacation with nothing to show for it when it comes to legislation. We have more laws on the books than we need that pertain to the people but not enough laws that control the Congress, which is another battle for another day. I believe that congressional minions continually work while their masters are away. Then why not have those minions examining laws every 5 years or so to see whether they need to be addressed for re-vamping or elimination? Times change, economics change and the lame duck session is a perfect time to address this. It can eliminate laws from the roles that have long since out-lived their usefulness and modify others to come to current requirements of the times. Congress gets paid the same either way and there is probably tons of monies that could be saved in the process. I think it an idea that is surely come to its time.