A commenter brought something to mind and it tends to make perfect sense. Maybe it should be time for a change. We have been creating a welfare society over the decades and it appears that our elected officials can “stay the course” at best, or further ecascerbate the problem at worst. You can’t talk poverty all you want. If you don’t pay taxes because you are poor, how do you afford children? Oh, each one is a deduction on a tax form with free schooling, food stamps, Medicade, etc. It would appear the government PAYS you for being poor. And you get to vote. Many of you don’t have a spouse. Maybe it isn’t such a bad idea for free birth control. Regardless, once you are use to the largess, you look for ways to not only continue receiving it but ways to further it with more gimmies. It would appear that without skin in the game, you shouldn’t have a say in the matter. You are living on the dole that 50% of others are paying for and what you are voting for. Is this the liberal definition of fair?